How to Style Shelves: 5 Tips for Elevated Shelf Styling

Shelves have huge potential to create visual interest within a space. The trouble is, if not styled properly, they can quickly become cluttered and to be frank – look like a hoarder’s paradise.

Below are five key things to consider to style your shelves like a pro.

1. Start with a Blank Canvas

Before you begin you need a clean slate. Remove all of the items and knickknacks from your shelves. Take this opportunity to do that deep clean you’ve been telling yourself you would do tomorrow. There is no time like the present!

Take a moment to assess your space – which room are you in? If you’re in your living room, perhaps items like books and family photos are going to feature. If you’re in the kitchen, consider cooking books and pretty jugs or serving dishes. You get the general idea… This will help you to curate the items you want to use.

2. Mix and Match

One of the keys to styling shelves is to mix and match items of varying heights, textures, and colours. Use a variety of objects, such as books, picture frames, vases, and sculptures to create interest and depth.

Avoid grouping similar items together and instead, spread them out across your shelves. This will create a more dynamic and visually appealing display that achieves House of Kook’s signature layered look.

3. Organize your Books

Books are often the main focus of shelves, so it is essential to organize them in a way that is both visually appealing and practical. One option is to sort your books by colour, theme, size etc.

Remember to play with the orientation of the books to create clear “moments” within the scheme. Place some books vertically with an object acting as a book-end and on the next shelf place them horizontally and pair them with a smaller object like a candle or potted plant. Look to place an object on top of your horizontal book pile.

Using books in a vertical and horizontal format is key to creating dimension and visual interest.

4. More on Books

While we’re on the subject, a trick of the trade is to bring your books forward so the edge of the book meets the edge of the shelf.

Another trick is to place your books away from the very edges of the wall, your precious babies will be fine without the support of the walls next to or beside them. Let them breathe!

5. Use Decorative Objects

Decorative objects can add personality and charm to your shelves. Consider using a mix of objects, such as picture frames, vases, and sculptures, to create a visually interesting display. An old trinket from your gran sitting next to a box you found at a charity shop – perfect! How about a photo frame next to that pot plant you are determined not to kill? Great!

Pairing your objects with the book stacks we mentioned above and adding other interesting items as you go directs the eye from one shelf to the next.

6. Edit your Display

Once you have styled your shelves, take a step back and assess your display. Consider removing any items that don’t fit with the overall aesthetic or even moving them to different arrangements within the scheme.

Your Shelves Should Be Effortlessly You!

As with anything in your home, there are no right answers, you just need to have fun with it and take your time. Your home should reflect your creativity and the things that make you happy.

We hope that our five tips for elevated shelf styling help you create a beautiful nook that shows off your personality.

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