The Inspiration Behind Kook

We’ve spent 20 years in the interior design industry, and we’ve come to know the landscape really well. We’ve seen it all. In our own body of work, we’ve been slaves to trends and we’ve been rebels against them. The industry is noisy, and it’s difficult to find your voice. The easy way out is conformity. But we believe you’re too special for that.

If we had a penny for every time we walked into someone’s home, and it looked exactly like Mrs Jones’s up the road… 

You’re not like anyone else, so why would you want your home to look like everyone else’s?

This is exactly why we aren’t going to follow trends (too closely 😉) and we aren’t going to become interior design sheep, following the herd. But interior design that breaks away from the norm needs strong inspiration. And at Kook, we’re inspired by something, or rather someone, that’s truly one-of-a-kind. 

Kook creates furniture and spaces inspired by you 

We are inspired by the unique people who use our furniture and live in the spaces we create. On a deeper level, we are inspired by the many layers that give people their personalities. You gorgeous onion, you.

Your interiors, like you, are more than the sum of their parts

That’s why we curate interiors that reflect, comfort and anchor you. Because when you know yourself and your place in the world, you can fill every space you occupy with your most authentic, beautiful self.

That’s why we created Kook. Because you are one-of-a-kind and you deserve a space that reflects that.