The Kook guide to renovating: 6 things to keep in mind when renovating your space

Here at House of Kook, we believe that you never go out of style so neither should your space. This is why we are huge proponents of renovating your existing space to transform it into something that is unmistakably you! The question we get asked the most is where to start? Not to worry, we’ve put together a list of things to consider so you can handle your renovation like a pro.

1. Get a quote on everything

When getting your initial construction quotes it’s important to quote on everything in its entirety. That way you can get a full sense of what the project could potentially cost and budget accordingly. It also helps you to weed out the nice-to-have elements versus the scope items that will make the biggest impact both on the look of the space and its long-term return on investment. It will also help you to narrow down your budget per finish.

For example, you might prefer to spend more on quality sanitaryware but shop around for the feature tile in order to achieve the aesthetic you wanted without breaking the bank.

2. Start considering layouts early

It’s never too soon to start considering the cabinetry and furniture layouts in the space as these will dictate the placement of many key elements that need to be implemented early on in the construction process such as plumbing and electrical placement.

For example, it’s very important to decide the orientation of the furniture in a bedroom so you can decide the lighting and electrical layouts which often requires chasing into walls. You want to avoid having to go back after walls have been plastered to chase as it creates a mess and unnecessary cost.

3. Long-term maintenance of finishes

Think about long-term maintenance when selecting finishes. We have all been googly-eyed over some fancy-pants wallpaper or feature cladding but oftentimes the reality is you need to think about durability. All it takes is a few encounters with your 3 dogs, 4 children and one or two overzealous cleaning events, and you’ll rue the day you chose said finish.

Take the headache out of it and ask your supplier or designer to specify something that has a similar look and feel but is a bit more robust.

4. Timelines

Ask your contractor or project manager for a detailed project timeline. Information is king, meaning that understanding the process and the general stages of your project will reduce the stress and allow for adequate time to order materials.

Even locally manufactured items may hold a 6-8 week lead time if they are out of stock so keep that in mind.

5. Expect the unexpected

Having said that, expect the unexpected. A hard and fast rule we have learned over many years in the business is that the design and build process is all about problem-solving. We always do our best to anticipate all possible obstacles and problems that may occur, however, when you are renovating a home there are usually a few surprises once you get going.

Having a builder and designer who project manage effectively can help relieve any stress associated with these bumps in the road and manage your expectations.

Through their expertise, they often build in a contingency to both the timeline as well as the budget to account for these little hiccups to ensure the project is on time and in budget.

6. Samples size matters

Large samples are essential before you set your heart on any finishes. If you’re not working with an interior designer, it can often be very hard to gauge how well your finishes go together in a scheme given the tiny samples most suppliers tend to hand out.

Insist on large samples of the floor finishes, wallpapers, paints, cladding, stone elements and even the ironmongery. Gather them on-site in the various rooms they are intended for and make sure they really work there. Different lighting, existing finishes and the scale of the room will have a huge impact on which finishes actually work in your space!

Hint: check out our blog on choosing the perfect interior paint colours.

These are just a few things to consider during before beginning your renovation journey. As I’m sure most of you already understand there are many moving parts that make up this process, but if you have a grasp on the basics which dictate timelines and budget it will help ensure the project runs smoother and you really enjoy the process.

Still feeling like your renovation is too much of a mammoth task for you to take on alone?

House of Kook has got you covered!

Contact us to set up a consultation and we will see what we can do to bring your vision to life so you feel like you truly belong in your space.